ASG Logistics

ASGLO is positioned in the Logistics industry of South Africa. As a Logistics company, we are in the process of planning, implementing, controlling procedures for the efficient and effective transportation as well as storage of goods. We are a diverse and multifaceted organisation that specializes in moving, delivery and installation of safes, cash devices, vault, fire doors, mobile ATM trailers, and drop down unit’s construction of turnkey ATM cubicles, long haul transportation services and installation of demountable vaults. In addition to increasing diversity in all aspects of the business, services and environmental issues are of great significance. 

ASG Logistics

Our Mission

Providing Excellence in Logistics by offering a wide range of Services in the movement of goods:

  • Vault installation and Fire door.

  • Specialised rigging of mobile ATM Trailers and drop down units.

  • Construction of turnkey ATM cubicles.

  • Long haul Transportation services.

  • Demountable vaults installation.

  • Construction related Installation.

Accreditation – BEE Level 1